Pets are great blessing in anyone’s life. Poor hygiene in pets can result in severe consequences if not addressed properly.

Like humans, pets can experience skin conditions that may cause redness, itching, odour and even wounds.

Dogs with skin problem often require more bathing and sometimes benefit from specific medicated shampoo. Most cats do not usually require a bath to maintain a healthy skin and coat but older and obese cats may benefit from bathing to keep their skin and coat healthy. On the other hand dogs require regular bathing and grooming with a frequency that depends on their skin and coat.

Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your pet healthy.

Wash and replace pet toys

Dirty pet toys can attract bacteria, yeast and mold. Constant contact with dirty toys can lead to infections of skin.

Clean your cat’s litter box every single day

Not only the litterbox has a pungent smell but also a fertile ground for number of germs.

Be diligent about flea and tick prevention

Outing with your pet with proper flea and tick prevention is important for your pet health and yours.
Pet parents can also wash their dog’s paws with mild soap or baby wipes when they come from a walk or outdoor play time.

Wash your pet’s bedding

Beside being a magnet for collecting fur, dirt and soot. Bedding can also foster flea eggs and larvae, ticks and other skin parasites.

Clean food and water dishes

When pets eat and drink from dishes, their saliva transmits bacteria. These bacteria could grow and cause illness in pets.

Store pet’s food properly.

Open food can attract rodents which can contaminate the food with feces and parasites.
A good hygiene can help your dog in preventing diseases. A healthy pet is a happy pet.